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Can I change the effects and colors on my Applights™ products?
  Yes, refer to the Quick Reference Guide that came with your lights or view details on your AppLights™ App
Do Applights™ come in light strings only?
  No! In addition to a variety of light string styles, you can get Applights™ as pathway markers, projection spotlights, and yard décor.
What are the dimensions for AppLights™?
Where do I get the AppLights™ App.
  Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the AppLights™ App.
From what distance can I control AppLights™ with my phone?
  Up to 50 ft with no intervening walls or objects.
How many AppLights™ products can I connect and control with the app?
  You can connect and control up to 8 products within any lighting style with the AppLights™ App. For example, you could have 8 light strings, 8 pathway markers, 8 projection spotlights, 8 Kaleidocope™ spotlights, and 8 yard décor items.
What are the power specifications for my AppLights™?
  AppLights™ products use 120V AC power.
How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with AppLights™?
  AppLights™ work with the following mobile devices:

  • Android: 4.3 or higher version, supporting 4.0 Bluetooth, iOS 7.0 or higher version
  • iPhone: iPhone 4s or higher version
  • iPad/iPod: iPad 3, iPad mini (1,2,3,4 series), iPad Air (1,2 series), iPad Pro, iPod touch
Can I reset my AppLights™ if a product does not activate?
  Yes, you can easily reset any AppLights™ product to factory settings. Please note this will also reset the password. Here is how:

  1. Quickly unplug and plug in your lights 4 consecutive times (this needs to happen within 6 seconds).
  2. On the 4th plug in, your lights will flash white then reset to Christmas Light Show, confirming a successful password reset and restoration to factory settings.
  3. Repeat with each light string or lighting item, as needed.
Can AppLights™ use with a timer?
  Yes, AppLights™ products work with timers.
If I turn AppLights™ off and back on, will the themes and effects chosen remain?
  Yes, your selections will be saved. However, we recommend setting a password for each product using your AppLights™ App. This will ensure your settings activate instead of your neighbors or someone else in your network.